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Here is a fabulous new collection of super cute gemstone studs to help welcome the spring, we're almost there my friends!


All handmade in recycled sterling silver, with a wonderful selection of gems including  Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite and the Birthstone for February, Amethyst.

I absolutley love these colourful little juicy fruits, some don't quite match which makes them even more interesting.

There are nine pairs to choose from, the sizes range from 7mm to 12mm.


Choose from -


1 Purple Amethyst. Freefrom shape. 12mm x 9mm


2 Blue Kyanite. Freeform Shape. 11mm x 8mm


3 Green & Blue Tourmaline. Square Shape. 7.5mm x 7.5mm


4 Pink Tourmaline. Round & Square. 8mm x 7.5mm


5 Apatite. Oval, greeny blue. 7mm x 8.5mm


6 Green Tourmaline. Oval & Oblong. 8mm x 7mm


7 Pink Tourmaline. Round 7.5mm x 8.5mm


8 Purple Amethyst. Freeform Shape. 11.5mm x 10.5mm


9 Blue Kyanite. Freeform Shape. 12mm x 9mm


Gemstone Studs

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