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Welcome to my lastest small batch of mismatched gemstone studs.

This time I have found a sweet selection of Spinels. They come in a range of darker wintry tones so a lovely treat for the ears at this time of year.

The gemstones are rosecut, which means they are faceted on top to add a bit of sparkle. Most of them have inclusions inside the gem and sometimes on the surface, which adds to their mismatched rustic charm.

I'll try and describe the colours as best I can below as some are quite unique, but the photos give a pretty acurate colour match. 


Prices range between £35 - £40


1. Mauve & Peach. Size 8mm x 9.5mm

2. Mauve & Grey. Size 9mm x 8mm

3. Peach & Dark Pink. Size 7mm x 6.5mm

4. PeachyPink & Mauveygrey. Size 8mm x 7mm

5. Grey & Mauve. Size 8mm x 7mm

6. Peach & Mauve. Size 9mm x 7.5mm

7. Red & Grey. Size Size 8mm x 8.5mm (the red has sediment rock on surface)

8. Lilac & Peach. Size 7mm x 8mm

9. Dark Red & Grey. Size 8.5mm x 9mm

Spinel Studs

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