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Notes On Ordering

Custom Orders

I'm really sorry, but I can't take on any more custom orders. I simply don't have time and I fear they will be forever left at the back of my long to do list. I just not fair on my lovely customers.


Ordering Rings

It's really important to know the correct ring size when ordering. I can make rings all day long, but don't have the specialist tools necessary to resize them. I will have to make a new ring from scratch. In the past I've resized rings by crudely sawing into the setting to release the gemstone and just starting again. So basically making the same ring twice for the price of one, it's simply not worth it. This method can also damage the gemstone, I've broken a few gems before by doing this, so please find out your ring size! I have an inexpensive ring sizer on here for sale, or alternatively please head to any jewellers to get measured up. I can only accept ring sizes in the U.K  A to Z scale


Notes For Shops & Galleries

For my lovely stockists - Only jewellery with a value of £75 and over is available to galleries.

I'm able to take on large orders from Jan to early May ready for the summer and Christmas orders in Sept/Oct.

The rest of the year, June/July/Aug and Nov/Dec I'm super busy, but will still be able to complete the odd customer order.

As of 2023 I'm not looking for any new stockists.

When My Website Is Closed

My website is open most of the year and can happily receive orders. Occasionally I have to disconnect the shopping cart if I'm super busy or on holiday. I'll give plenty of notice in a banner at the top of the website and direct you to my stockists page. If I'm away from the workshop and you order say a ring from one of the galleries, in a size they don't stock, I still won't be able to make it until I'm back in the workshop.

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