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Welcome to my latest small batch of gemstone pendants, handmade in recycled sterling silver as always. All the gems are rosecut, which means they are faceted on top for extra shimmering sparkle.


*** The pendants will be supplied with a sterling silver chain so please let me know what length chain you require when ordering, 16 inch 18 inch or 20 inches are available***


Prices range between £40 - £70


Emerald. Size 2cm x 1.6cm This is a beautiful freeform shaped, spring green emarald.


Square Golden Topaz. Size 1.9cm x 1.4cm

A lovely pale pastel peach topaz with a faceted top which captures the light beautifully.


Blue Topaz. Size 1.5cm x 1.1cm Stunning dark blue topaz in a freeform shape.


Garnet. Size 1.2cm x1.2cm Beautiful bright red Garnet in a rounded triangle form.


Lapis Lazuli. Size 1.9cm x1.5cm Gorgeous deep blue Lapis with a faceted top.


Oval Turquoise. Size 1.8cm x 1cm

A lovely long oval Turquoise with a dark matrix running across the faceted face.


Triangle Golden Topaz. 1.5cm x 1.4cm

This pendant features a super pale golden topaz, with just a hint of peach.

Gemstone Pendants

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