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Handmade recycled sterling silver bangle with cultured sea glass charm.


This beautiful bangle has been handmade in 1.8mm recycled sterling silver wire and has a glistening hammered texture around the edge.


Cultured sea glass is simply broken coloured glass that has been put through a rock tumbler for many hours to smooth the edges and give the glass a lovely matte finish. The beads end up irregular in shape and no two are the same.


Please choose your favourite colour of charm.


Dark Blue

Light Blue

Light Green



Finding out your bangle size is really easy, press your thumb to the base of little finger, as if putting on a bangle. Then use a soft tape measure around the widest part of hand, usually the base of thumb to find the correct size.

Alternatively, if you have an existing bangle, please measure the diameter.


Bangle sizes are -


18cm around or 5.8cm diameter

19cm around or 6.1cm diameter

20cm around or 6.4cm diameter

21cm around or 6.7cm diameter

22cm around or 7cm diameter

Sea Glass Bangle

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